Professor Lorenzo is Back!

That’s right, Folks! After watching his beloved Carnival of Mysteries vanish back to 1919 through the mists of time, the Professor realized he’d need to amass the building blocks for a new type of Carnival: one that drew its attractions from across the world, from throughout human history, even from alternate histories that border on the edge of the fantastic.

And now, he’s brought those amazing attractions together to Cincinnati, where they’ll be displayed at… Professor Lorenzo’s World of Wonders at the Jackson Street Midway!

Presented as part of the Jackson Street Midway at BLINK | Illuminated by ArtsWave, Professor Lorenzo’s World of Wonders is designed for attendees of all ages and includes puppetry and physical theatre performance, interactive projections, and maybe even a secret or two…

Visit the Professor and his friends this Thursday through Sunday from 7 – 11 PM at BLINK in the 1100 block of Jackson Street (between Walnut and Vine, north of Central)!

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