That’s a Wrap!

A Carnival no more…

Thanks to your heroic efforts, the Anomaly was destroyed, and Professor Lorenzo’s Carnival of Mysteries has vanished back into the mists of time! But if you enjoyed the puzzles and fun of the Carnival, know that the creative minds behind it haven’t stopped working!

If you’re 21 or over, you may be interested in the Puzzle Crawl, a monthly themed bar crawl with pencil puzzles and prizes, by the same folks who created the Carnival of Mysteries’ puzzles! The next one is coming up Wednesday, June 19th: learn more at!

Also, for those who enjoyed the Findlay Market Scavenger Hunt and the Great Clown Chase, we have a fun project coming up soon at the Banks! Stay tuned for details…

We’ll have the drawings for the winners of the Downtown Cincinnati gift cards next week. Until then, stay curious!

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