There’s More to Do at the Carnival!

Starting today, we have unlocked two new experiences at the Carnival!

The first, “Professor Lorenzo’s Findlay Market Scavenger Hunt” is an augmented reality scavenger hunt that will have you seeing Findlay Market like you’ve never seen it before! You’ll explore and discover nooks and crannies throughout the market in search of crazy critters that have escaped from the Carnival! The Hunt takes about 20 minutes to complete and is fun for all ages. Visit the Carnival to download the app and get the start code!

The second experience, “A Literary Conundrum,” takes place entirely indoors at the Carnival. For fans of literature and puzzles alike, this series of puzzles will allow you to finally answer the question so many people have had: what’s the deal with the tree of books? Difficulty level is middle-of-the-road, so this one probably isn’t going to hold the attention of young children. But solve this one successfully and you’ll win a prize that the whole family can enjoy!

As with everything at the Carnival of Mysteries, both of these activities are 100% FREE, thanks to the generosity of People’s Liberty!

Hope to see you at the Carnival soon,

–The Professor

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